EES seminars

2017 - 2018

public welcome

Seminars are held most Fridays at noon in Rm. 101 of the STEPS building (the auditorium in "A" wing).

January 26th

Cody Sheik, University of Minnesota-Duluth
"Microbes in action: Evidence of microbial biogeochemical cycling in an Oligotrophic sediment"
(host: Jill McDermott)

February 2nd

Liz Hajek, Penn State University
"Measuring landscape dynamics from sedimentary deposit""
(host: Frank Pazzaglia)

February 9th

Julie Bowles, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"Assessing New and Old Methods in Paleomagnetic Paleothermometry: A Test Case at Mt. St. Helens, USA"
(host: Ken Kodama)

February 16th

Erwin Monier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Integrated assessment of the impact of climate change on air quality and health over the US"
(host: Ben Felzer)

March 2nd

Graduate Student Seminar

March 23rd

Luke Copland, University of Ottawa
"Are Canadian Arctic glaciers speeding up or slowing down in a warming climate?"
(host: Joan Ramage)

March 30th

Frieder Klein, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"The pathways of serpentinization, hydrogen generation, and abiotic synthesis of methane"
(host: Gray Bebout)

April 6th

Kate Allstadt, USGS GeoHazards, Golden CO
"Listening to Landslides and Lahars"
(host: Anne Meltzer)

April 13th

Elias Deeb, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (ARMY)
"Why does the Army care about snow? Top research priorities for the US Army."
(host: Joan Ramage)

April 20th

Peter Heany, Penn State University
""Painting a Rainbow with Ochre: The Roles of Holes in Iron Oxides""
(host: Dave Anastasio)

May 4th

Undergraduate Symposium
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Meeting speakers

Faculty and students are encouraged to meet with speakers during their stay, and everyone is invited to reconvene at a local watering hole, usually by 5 pm, for the second phase of discussions.

To arrange a meeting with a speaker or learn more about their visit, contact Department Coordinator Andrea Goff.