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LabSpec instrument-control software

LabSpec is an integrated suite of LabView routines developed by Bruce Idleman that can control automated operation of a noble-gas mass spectrometer and associated extraction lines. The software is highly flexible and is currently used by a number of noble-gas laboratories. If you are interested in the software, please contact Bruce.

Data-analysis software

Like most labs, over the years we have developed or adapted various software tools to aid in the interpretation and modeling of noble-gas data. These tools range in polish and flexibility. At this point, almost all have migrated to become command-line tools that will compile and run on *nix systems. Source code is provided as well as a binary that will run under the commmand line on an Intel Mac running OS X. The one exception is Size Extractor, which is a GUI application developed with RealBasic; Windows and Mac versions are available for this.

You're pretty much on your own when it comes to using this code. I'm happy to give you a tip or two, or answer basic questions, but I cannot provide extensive technical support, like getting your machine to compile the code or figuring out why your input files don't work (use UNIX line breaks!). Given the large degree to which some of this code borrows from generous sharing by other scientists, all the code on this site is freely available for non-profit use. I do ask that you acknowledge your use of any of this code, and differentiate any changes or additions you make. Finally, I ask that you in turn freely share any such modifications or improvements.

The code...

Arvert 4X - inversion of K-feldspar age spectra (and other mineral ages) for thermal history. Arvert can now include a U-Th/He or other bulk cooling age as an additional constraint. This version of Arvert supersedes all others. Unix command line tool.
Arvert 4X command-line tool (binary for Mac OS X (Intel only); working inputs and outputs included)  (176 KB)
Arvert 4X source code and Xcode project files  (556 KB)
Arvert 4X manual: US letter  (2.2 MB)     A4  (2.2 MB)
Arvert example for simulated linear slow cooling  (436 KB)
Movie showing arvert convergence sequence  (2.5 MB)
SimpleLovera 1.11 - forward modeling of K-feldspar age spectra. A basic C translation of Oscar Lovera's routine. Distribution includes sample input files and source code. Compiled Mac OS Carbon app; if you are running OS 10.6, requires installation of Rosetta. Will post source code and a compiled command-line update compiled for Intel (now that OS X 10.7 drops Rosetta support for PPC).
Simple Lovera 1.11  (92 KB)
Size ExtractorX 1.10 - forward modeling of K-feldspar domain structure. Size Extractor is an interactive application for visualizing and modeling a K-feldspar's domain structure. Written in RealBasic 4.5.3. Versions compiled for Windows XP and Mac OS X available. Not tested in Vista or Win 7. May break under OS X 10.7 (Lion). Will probably replace with an Excel-based tool.
Size ExtractorX 1.10 (OS X), with brief notes  (928 KB)
Size ExtractorX 1.10 (Win XP), with brief notes  (552 KB)
Sample input files for Size Extractor  (28 KB)
KFcorr - calculation of correlation between K-feldpsar age spectrum and logR/Ro plot. KFcorr is a slightly modified version of Oscar Lovera's correlation code, permitting simplifed data input. This distribution includes a command-line binary that runs under OS X UNIX (Intel hardware only), example input and output files, Excel input-file tool, instructions for use, the source code, and compilation notes.
KFcorr, with support various files  (88 KB)

Other software will dribble out as the spirit dictates.