Geodynamic Evolution Of The Hangay Dome, Mongolia Central Asia

High-elevation, low relief surfaces are common on continents. These intercontinental plateaus influence river networks, climate, and the migration of plants and animals. How these plateaus form is not clear. We are studying the geodynamic processes responsible for surface uplift in the Hangay in central Mongolia to better understand the origin of high topography in continental interiors.

2013 Field School in Mongolia - Student Opportunity

As part of our project we will be running a field school in Mongolia in summer 2013. This will involve short courses held in Ulaan Baatar followed by field work in the Hangay Mountains with our project scientists. For more information contact Karl Wegmann or Anne Meltzer.



Project Coordinator, Geomorphology
Karl Wegmann (North Carolina State)
Anne Meltzer (Lehigh University)
Bruce Idleman (Lehigh University)
Peter Zeitler (Lehigh University)
Page Chamberlain (Stanford University)
Dork Sahagian (Lehigh University)
Petrology and Isotope Geochemistry
Rick Carlson (Carnegie Institution of Washington)