Project In Depth

Significance and Background
High Topography in Continental Interiors
Geodynamic Setting of Central Mongolia and The Hangay
Geology of The Hangay and Adjacent Regions
Disciplinary Studies
Lithosphere and Sublithospheric Mantle Properties And Structure: Seismology, Basalt Petrology and Geochemistry, Mantle and Crustal Xenoliths
Timing Of Processes: Geochronology and Thermochronology
Landscape Evolution And Surface Uplift: Geomorphology, Cosmogenic Nuclides, Vesicular Basalt and Stable-Isotope Paleoaltimetry, Biogeography


Mantle xenoliths near Tariat

Mantle xenoliths near Tariat.

Additional References

The link above contains references to journal articles on intercontinental plateaus, previous studies in Mongolia and the Hangay, and disciplinary background.