Safety in EES

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Safety in EES

It's important for all members of EES - faculty, staff, and both graduate and undergraduate students - to be aware of safety protocols, emergency procedures, contact information, and how to report problems. This is both a right and a responsibility. Like listening to the pre-flight briefing, it's easy to view safety training as something either easy and obvious, or overly paranoid. Yet accidents happen and by their very nature they are unexpected.

If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please talk to one of the following people: Joe Seem for general safety and lab hygiene; Bruce Idleman for radiation-related issues; and David Anastasio for general concerns, as well as issues related to field safety. And of course, for our research labs, the first person you should talk with is the lab supervisor.

EES and STEPS Building Emergency Procedures

EES Emergency Response Plan

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